The Artist


     Photography Copyright: Michael Bosshard Photography

Donegel' Chong

(Birth Name: Chong Wei Yong   (Hanyupinyin: Zhong Huiyong))

" I am what I am, what I do is me and that is where I came.  Every creation of mine has a part of me in it.  I would love you to embrace , discover and especially reflect on them; and to make them a part of you.  I invite you to just take me as I am."

I do not want to be limited to certain styles and topics in my art.  I want to be free to create what I want, mostly dealing with my personal experiences, my likes, like nots, wants, want nots, and they are with different extents biographical - My personal reflections of life.  For my continuity, all my art from 2018 onwards, with different intensities, will incorporate my favourite and emotional freeing brush stroke(s), which I call my "Kurrrlys"."

Created in Malaysia as a third generation Chinese descent; educated in Malaysia, Singapore, the United Kingdom and Switzerland; Donegel' Chong discovered his passion for art in Kindergarten, when he started to make up short stories, sketching stick men and women.  He took up additional art lessons from the age of 10 till 16 during weekends.  During this time, his main choice of medium was oil pastels, graphite, water colours and gouache. 

While completing his studies in Catholic Junior College Singapore, he spontaneously took part in the 1993 "My Singapore, My Home" art competition organised by the Singapore Ministry of Culture.  He was awarded the Merit prize.  This was his first public recognition for his artistic talents.

Unfortunately Donegel' Chong was not able to pursue his passion for art.  He graduated with an Honours Bachelor of Science in International hospitality management (Les Roches International school of Hotel management), which brought him to Switzerland, the United Kingdom and USA.

After his last stint in USA, Donegel' Chong took up fashion design, which brought life to a few years of creating his fashion brands, "Malefactor" and "Donegel' Chong"; all brought under his first boutique in Zurich, "FADESTO - FAshion DEsigners STarting Out".  FADESTO also offered a sales platform to other young emerging fashion designers.  This however ceased, as Donegel' Chong realised that design was only a compromise, and his true passion lies in fine art.

An unexpected development led Donegel' Chong back to the hospitality industry in Japan, Malaysia and China.  An opportunity in retail brought him back to Switzerland again.  Unbeknownst to him, a slow developing depression has been creeping in throughout these years, due to the suppression of what he really is and what he would have actually loved to do.  A burnout catalysed the full release of his depression.  The world fell apart for him.

After not creating art for more than a decade, Donegel' Chong re-discovered his passion for art.  He taught himself to use the medium acrylic.  After his first public art presentation at the Zurich "Arttalents" art market in October 2018, with his short series of work titled, "Erika's Waggis Volume 1", Donegel' Chong finally took the long awaited step in December 2018 to be a fully fledged artist.

Donegel' Chong does not want to be limited in what he creates.  His artworks mostly deal with his likes, like nots, wants, want nots, and they are with different extents biographical.  He calls it, "Reflections of life".  For his continuity, all his art works from 2018 onwards, will incorporate his favourite and emotionally freeing brush stroke(s), which he calls his "Kurrrlys".


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